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Counseling at the speed of you.

Do you ever have racing thoughts that seem to run in an endless cycle? Or end up at a party, only to wish you'd never left your house? Anxiety can affect many parts of your life, but there are tangible ways of coping with it.

That blah feeling you get when you don't want to get out of bed. The dread that each moment of each day brings with it. The sadness that won't leave you. Depression is scary, and we can work together to find hope.

"What if?" This is the question that often characterizes OCD. You get stuck in a cycle of obsessions that cause anxiety, and compulsions, or rituals, that you use to try to get rid of the anxiety.

Child-Centered Play Therapy focuses on your child's well-being. From increased self-esteem to responsibility for their own actions, play therapy is an effective treatment for children ages 3-10.

Sand tray therapy can be a great way to face difficult issues without words. While sand tray can be excellent for kids, as it lets them use their hands and communicate non-verbally, it can be used powerfully with adults, too.

Do you or your child feel confused about your sexual orientation or gender identity? Using an exploratory model, we will face the scary questions head-on. To be clear, this is not conversion therapy, but a way to clarify one's feelings and experiences to lead to a whole, integrated sense of self.

Trauma could be anything in your life that your body and mind didn't know how to handle. Your reaction to the event is more important in therapy than the event itself. Whether it's "little t" trauma or "big T" trauma, we can tackle it together.

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